About Us

Shane Logan has been playing the guitar since he taught himself nearly 25 years ago. In 2014, he began making The Klone. Borne of a desire to try the fabled pedal for himself without paying the price tag, he researched the process and went to work in a small workshop behind his house.

Shane applied the same idea he has applied to all his life: quality is of utmost importance. With the best quality parts he could obtain, he built and tested his early models. He decided to sell them only after perfecting his own process and parts, and thus was born Rock Your Repaired Amp.

After twelve years of working to reverse engineer chemicals and traveling constantly selling and distributing them, he enrolled in college to obtain a medical certificate.

The Klone helped support Shane and his family through his time as a full time student. Shane realized after graduating that what he really wanted was to pursue the pedal business full time. He now works from home, building in the small workshop where he began, in all weather.

He likely can endure the cold because of his childhood in Alaska and the heat because of his adult life spent in Texas. His wife, Karen, is his business manager. Their two children and four chickens keep their home from ever being dull.