The Support Yosi Mesbah's Tour give away!

I want to thank everyone who entered into this Klon Klone guitar pedal giveaway!!!

"  I need people to donate $20.00 - After the giveaway is ends I will do a drawing out of those peoples names and the winner will get a very special build Klon Klone pedal build I want to promote Yosi Mesbah 's aspirations as a musician. I think her voice is amazing! And her soul comes through in her music! She will be touring around the states and I want her to come to my city. If you are interested in her coming to your city and are able to provide a place for her to perform I might consider another give away to help fund that. Message me if you are interested in entering the give away or if you are interested in her coming to a city near you! "


The winning number is 6

If two or more people pick this for their number..  I will do a final drawing between the winners.