A Match Smooth as Silk!!




The indie pop band from Munich, Chinese Silk and Videotape, combines the electronic sound of 1980s synthesizers with more modern guitar riffs and alternatingly haunting and pop vocals. Searching the web for tidbits about them yields little but tour information and downloads of their music. This band has many similarities to Rock Your Repaired Amp’s Klone. Both are high quality with an insane focus on detail and substance. Chines Silk and Videotape has not made (at least according to what we at RYRA found online) a concerted attempt to create an image and has relied instead on their music. The result is a quality product the listener wants to buy. We like to think the same can be said of RYRA’s singular focus on one stellar product. We at Rock Your Repaired Amp are proud to have Markus Pyttel lead guitar for Chinese Silk and Videotape using and supporting our Klon / Klone guitar pedal. -RYRA